Recycling for Business

Many businesses are seeking ways to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. Does your company produce a lot of cardboard waste? What is the best thing to do with all this cardboard? At KEN3D, we’re helping them achieve the cost-savings and efficiencies, along with the environmental benefits, that come from recycling regularly and wisely.
Our main goal is reducing your recyclable waste by giving it a second life such as recycling and reusing it as packaging material. The most important part is to separate your cardboard waste from your regular trash, to prevent the cardboard from ending up on the landfill. By example, cardboard is a great material to recycle because it is made of natural wood fibers.
There are few examples of thing that we recycle:
Shipping Boxes (Small – Medium – Large)
Bubbles wrap
Envelopes and mailers
Cushioning, peanuts and foam
Poly bags
Shipping tape
Disposing high volumes of cardboard waste can save a lot on your waste disposal costs. We are inviting you to get in touch with us, let KEN3D tailor a schedule/program for your company based on the types and volumes of materials you need to dispose of. You can drop-off your recycled waste into a Free Ken3d bean and we will schedule a pick-up of your material once the bean is full.
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