KEN3D is a Quebec-based technology company specializing in 3D printing. 

Every product produced using our 3D printing farm located in Quebec, Canada. KEN3D represents the union of two young entrepreneurs with different abilities who are complementary to each other. More specifically, the team is made up of a materials engineer and a web developer. We are offering truly innovative high-quality 3D printed products by giving the customer a deeper customization experience than what is possible with traditionally manufactured products.

Therefore, we invite you to stay abreast of our news and if you have any questions do not hesitate to join us via our social networks.

Pleasure to have business with you,

KEN3D team

KEN3D's Team - Alex Parent

Alex Parent, Co-Founder & 3D/Material Engineer

Alex provides project management with engineering expertise in both materials and process. He leads on advisory, training and consultancy in Additive Manufacturing. With over 5 years experience of Additive Manufacturing as a pioneer, strategist and implementer. Alex transforming processes and teams with the uptake of new technologies.

KEN3D's Team - Vincent Pare

Vincent Paré, Co-Founder & Web Designer

Vincent provides a toolkit set of Front-End Development and have a thorough knowledge of programming languages and technology. He is in close collaboration with our creative team on every aspect of building and launching our website and app. He is responsible of web design, information technology and business operation.

Raphaël Gagné, Chief Strategy

Raph, the “PUMP GOD”, provides the knowledge of a business shark and one-part integrated marketing skills, this hybrid professional straddles the fence between both worlds, with the grace of a nerd. He is responsible of sales, product strategy, marketing and customer education. He shifted the focus of traditional Marketing Managers to include the embrace of new digital disruptors.

Guillaume Doucet